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We belong to the prestigious Gandhi hospital that is a part of Pawan Gandhi Health Care Pvt.Ltd. This hospital was commenced in the year 1989 in New Delhi at Uttam Nagar. This hospital is a fantastic part of medical hubs at Delhi with a fine and refined state of art amenities. When you visit this hospital as a patient then you will love its facilities with comfortable 60 beds. We as the team of this hospital provide you with top quality healthcare amenities to all kind of patients. We provide fine health and medical care facilities to indoor patients (IDP) and outdoor patients (ODP). Our aim is to offer the best service to patients when it comes to healthcare facilities.

OPD in Various Super Specialities Department


Neurology is that active branch of medical science that deals with the study of functions and diseases related to the nerves as well as the nervous system…


The neurosurgery department of our hospital has created a fine record of treating the most complicated disorders of the nervous system without any…


If you visit our gastroenterology department then you will see that our doctors and surgeons treat all diseases that are concerned with the intestine and stomach…


Our nephrology department deals with check-up, dialysis and detection and cure of diseases related to kidneys in the human body. Our doctors study the…

Onco Surgery

The oncology department of our hospital has earned great popularity. It has handled many serious cases of various cancers. You might know in the branch of…

Orthopedic Surgery

You may suffer from diseases and fractures concerned with hip, knee, and shoulder or even elbows due to sudden accident or old age. If you are in such…

Bariatric Surgery

If you have excess body weight or obesity then our bariatric surgery department will come and assist you. When your body mass index or BMI exceeds 40…

Infertility Treatment

If you are a couple that is not able to conceive and beget kids even after one year of the normal sexual union then our infertility treatment department will…

Plastic & Reconstruction

Plastic surgery is a procedure with which you can reconstruct the damaged parts of your body. This surgery helps you well chiefly when your face, nose…

Laproscopic Surgery

The laparoscopic surgery department of our hospital holds a great reputation in the entire city. This is because we offer you the best and the medically safest…

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