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Patient Care Services

Patient’s Rights

  • Right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Right to receive information of his/her disease, treatment and prognosis and other related information
  • Right to know estimated cost of treatment
  • Right to be treated in confidentially and privacy during consultation
  • Right to access medical record through proper channel
  • Right to get a second opinion
  • Right to refusal of treatment
  • Right to give complaint and suggestion
  • Right to informed consent before anaesthesia, blood and blood product transfusions and any invasive/ high risk procedure/ treatment
  • Right to choose his/her own doctors

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • To keep appointments & be on time for appointments.
  • To provide complete and accurate information regarding his/her present and past illness
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by the doctor
  • To be responsible for his/her actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow doctors instructions.
  • To take care of their belongings
  • To treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitor with courtesy dignity and respect
  • To accept financial responsibility for healthcare services received and settle bills promptly
  • To understand all instructions before signing the consent forms
  • To be considerate of other receiving and providing care and to be respectful of the property & privacy of others of the hospital
  • Follow the hospital rules as a no smoking zone
  • T report any issues, complaints of concern that may affect your care.
  • We also request you to candidly complete the patient feedback form before you leave the hospital, for
  • Helping us constantly improve our services
Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.